The fabric used in our mackintosh raincoats is commonly known as Double Texture Cotton. It is constructed with 2 layers of fine quality cotton and a single layer of a Hi-Tech polyurethane waterproof breathable membrane. The 3 layers are bonded together with heat and pressure with the waterproof membrane concealed
in the centre.

The fabric is all pre-shrunk and lightly brushed for a comfortable touch. It is additionally coated with a shower repellent finish to dispel rain. It is silent, will not cause excessive friction sounds.

The fabric is waterproof, windproof, breathable and durable in general wear conditions. The mackintosh will retain its shape due to the construction of the seams and the bonded membrane which locks the 2 layers together. It will not become excessively stiff in cold climates nor melt in hot climates.

The fabric is dry cleanable, hand and machine washable but we don’t recommend machine washing as we normally use wool linings which may shrink or leather belt buckles which would disintegrate in the machine or other linings which may not be machine washable. After washing or the first seasons wear the fabric will become a little softer.

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